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The History of St. Patrick’s Day

As you most likely know Today, March 17, is St. Patrick’s Day. Our teachers would like us to make a blog about this holiday. I thought that it would be a good idea to write something about the history of it because most people don’t know a lot about what the day is. I bet many people don’t know why you are suppose to wear green or what we are celebrating. That is what I am going to teach to you so you can know more about it.

Now first I want to tell you about the origin. We celebrate this holiday to honor the death of St. Patrick. Irish families used to be the only ones to celebrate the holiday but now almost everyone does. St. Patrick was a patron saint who is widely know in the christian religion. He died on March 17th, around 460 AD.

We wear green on St. Patrick’s day to honor St. Patrick. During the 17th century people wore green thinking that they will be inadvisable to leprechauns. We pinch people if they don’t wear green to remind them that they are not safe from leprechauns. That is why people wear green on St. Patrick’s day and why we get pinched if we don’t.

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Awesome Basketball Camp 20% Project

This week in our 20% project was okay. It was not the most successful week for our project but we have got a new plan. We finally got an email back from the orphanage. Unfortunately, we are not able to do a basketball camp for them. They said that it is against the rules to have people under the age of 17 interact with the kids.

We also finished our elevator pitch script and I am planning on doing it this week. We have to video tape ourselves on a computer. Then we will upload it to a program called Wevideo. It is very stressful but in the end I think we will have a very good project. I also think that my elevator scripts will turn out good as well.

This week we have run into a big problem. As I said before, we have got an email back from the orphanage and they said they couldn’t do it. Then I decided to email our teachers and ask them what to do. They recommended trying some schools around the area. We thought that was a great idea.

The next week or so we are going to be contacting some schools and asking them if they would like to have a basketball camp for their school. We plan on making it an inter mural camp for kids that aren’t as advanced with their skills. We are also going to start video taping or elevator pitch so that we can get that done and move into the next step, which is running the camp. That is our update on our 20% project.



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Our Awesome 20% Project Update

This week we have not accomplished a whole lot. We contacted a elementary school last week but we are still waiting for a reply. We are very prepared and ready for the camp but still have nobody to do it for. We have got some more ideas though. We have no replies yet but we are going to keep trying. We want to contact some more schools and ask them if they would want to do a basketball camp.

Our project is going okay so far. We need to hurry up and find a school to run the camp for. We still have some time left but some of our classmates are ahead of us. We also have to do an elevator pitch about our project and is due in a couple of weeks. We have finished our scripts for them but we still need to video tape it with a program called We-video.

This week in our timeline we need to get a school to do the camp for. We hoped to get the camp done by the 25th but we have a couple of weeks after that we have nothing to do. That means we are able to push the camp back a couple of weeks. So this week we want to contact a school and get a date set up so we can run the camp.

We have had a couple of issues so far. We have not got a school yet to run the basketball camp for. To resolve that we are going to contact some other schools at the same time and the first one to reply back is the one we are going to do. That is really the only problem we have this week and we hope that we can contact a school.

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Our Awesome 20% Project Update

This week in our 20% project has been a huge success. We finally got to meet with our mentor. He gave us a lot of information and he gave us some basketball drills to do at our camp for the orphanage. We also have been working on our elevator pitch that we have to do. We are going to video tape ourselves and say a speech. So overall I think our project has been great this past week.

This week we are working on our elevator pitch and contacting an orphanage, since we have not yet got back a response from the first one. In the pitch we are asking for people to advertise our project so that people will know about our project and we will get some sponsors. They will help us with getting a basketball court and maybe some t-shirts and trophies to hand out at the camp. With the orphanage status we are going to ask them for an estimate on how many people are going to attend and then we are going to set up a game plan for the camp.

My feelings on our project is that we are on track for the most part. It took a little while for us to meet with our mentor because we were at the end of our basketball season and we had basketball every night. I am also excited but a little overwhelmed at the same time. There is a lot to do but I feel confident in our project. If you have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment.

Check out our mentors site. Steven McFarland. He used to be the assistant scout for UK for a couple of years.


Basketball Camp for the Orphanage #2

This week has been a huge success for us for our 20% project. Our project is to put on a basketball camp for the orphanage for those of you that don’t know. I am also working with my partner Dylan. We have emailed an orphanage that we would like to go to and we have emailed our mentor back. I feel great about our project so far. We are getting a lot done and it is going really well. Even though we have contacted our mentor we have not met with him yet. We have emailed him though hoping to set up a meeting. We want to meet with him at our local basketball place. Are plan this week would be to hear back from the orphanage and our mentor about the meeting.


Basketball Camp for the Orphanage

As you know I am working on a project with my partner Dylan. It is titled the 20% Project. We work on it every Friday for pretty much the rest of the school year. We plan on putting on a basketball camp for the orphanage. This week we have accomplished finding our mentor. His name is Steven McFarland and he has trained a lot of NBA stars and has trained our basketball team. We plan on setting up a meeting with him soon at a place called Sports of All Sorts so we can discuss what we plan on doing.

I feel like we picked a pretty good project and are doing good so far. We have run into a little problem though. We have no idea where we are going to run the camp. There are a bunch of basketball courts near us but it is right in the middle of basketball season and the gyms are very busy right now. That means that we are not going to get a lot of time to run the camp and we won’t get to do a lot of the drills and activities we wanted to do. So we are just going to ask around to some of the places and see what they can do.

Here is our timeline.


1/27 Hear back from mentor  
2/10 Get a date set up for a meeting with our mentor/elevator pitch
2/24 Meet with our mentor by this date
3/10 Have a plan to set up our camp and get a date for it
3/24 Put on the camp
4/7 Do some more camps
4/21 Start to prepare for our ted talk
5/5 Practice for our ted talk and gather the info we need
5/19 Ted Talk



My 20% Project

My teacher, Ms. Ives, has started a new assignment called the 20% project. We get to work on the project every Friday, but we have to write in our blog about it every week so we can keep you guys updated. I am teaming up with Dylan that is in my class blog to do the project together. We plan on doing some basketball camps for the orphanage. We want to rent a court at our local basketball gyms. This week we focused on getting our idea figured out. Right now we need to figure out who our mentor is going to be for our project. Next we should work on our speech that we have to give to our teachers telling them what we plan on doing. Some of the problems that we have had this week was trying to find a good idea. We had some ideas before but it just wouldn’t continue on for a while. To fix it we picked something that we were passionate about so we picked sports and we are really excited about this idea and excited to see how this project goes.

Check out Dylan’s Blog to see what he is writing about on his 20% project.


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The Best School Subject

For a long time people have been asking what my favorite school subject is. That is why I chose to write about this in my blog for this week’s blogging challenge. My favorite subject in school is Social Studies. I think that I have had some of the best teachers for that class my whole life. I also like that class because I like to learn about other countries and history. I think that Social Studies is the best subject in school.

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The main reason why I like social studies for my favorite subject in school is because I think that it is the most interesting subject in school. I do like other subjects such as math and science, but social studies is my favorite so far. I like learning about other countries the best in social studies. I have spent a long time in elementary school learning about the United States’ history and how it got independence since we started elementary school. This year is different. The whole year we are going to be learning about other countries and their history and now we get to see other countries and their different cultures and ways of life along with the history of that country.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post about my favorite school subject. In my opinion Social Studies is the best school subject because I think that it is the most fun subject and the most interesting. I would like to know what your favorite school subjects are. Make sure to leave a comment sharing what yours is.

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Responsibilities When Part of a Community

I am going to write about the responsibilities you have to have in order to be part of a community for this week’s blogging challenge. You have to have many responsibilities to be apart of a community. Some communities are a sports team, after school activities, online networks, and global/local groups. Some responsibilities are to be kind and respectful to others. In the next paragraph I will talk about how to be responsible, kind, and respectful to others.

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If you want to be apart of a community you have to have a lot of responsibility. For example if you are part of a sports team. A responsibility you have to have is to always respect the coach and teammates. If you are apart of an online network you have to respect other people and to say only good things to them and not copy their work. In after school activities you have to be responsibly and know how to act when there are no other teachers or adults around to keep an eye on you. Those are some ways to  be responsible when you are apart of a community.

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If I Was The Principal or Teacher at My School

If I was the principal for a week I would make a lot of changes. The first thing that I would do is to make advisory longer. I think advisory is a great time to catch up on homework and missing work. It makes it easier to ask questions about the work and you can talk with your friends to make sure you are getting the work done right. I think that making it longer would work because our fifth period is longer than the rest of our classes. All that I would need to do is shorten fifth period and make advisory longer. That is one change I would make if I was the principal.

I would also make some classroom changes if I was a teacher at my school. I have realized that there is a lot of people that have a lot of missing work at my school that they have to spend a lot of time on to get it back in. I think that if I was the teacher I could stop than. If I keep an eye on my kids a lot every day and watch what they are doing I think that the missing work could cut down. If I help them more and ask the students if they have questions personally then they would be able to keep up with their work and not have as many late assignments. Another thing that I would do is to make more activities that the students would be more exited about doing their work and they could share it to their friends and then they could make competitions with each other and that will make them get it in in time and it might be very neat and well done. Those are some of the things I would do if I was a teacher at my school.

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