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Favorite Places in America

I have read Eugene’s blog about Africa and I thought that it was very interesting. I have decided to do my own blog about America. There are lots of cool places to go in America. Some of my favorites are Universal Studios and Wrigley Field where the Chicago Cubs play. I have been to Universal a couple of times and it is very cool there. There is lots of neat rides there and even more fun things to do. I have been to both of the parks there and they both are awesome. I have only been to Wrigley field once but I might get to go again. The time I went they were playing the Pittsburg Pirates. We got seats around the 6th row right behind the Pirates’ dugout and I got their manager’s autograph on one of my baseball hats. Those are two of my favorite places that I have been to in America.              Greg Wass via Compfight

Jeff Krause via CompfightUniversal - Sunny EntranceChicago, 2016

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